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The Zeds are back and hungrier than ever! Be afraid. Be very, very afraid....

Back for another bite is this reprint campaign for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition, and the undead are just drooling to meet you. Arm yourself with a weapon or three, grab plenty of supplies, and go, guns blazing, into the chaos!

New to Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition are three fantastic, tension-packed Expansion Packs to aid you in your fight against the unrelenting horde of Zeds!

NOTE: The reprint of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition includes all original gameplay stretch goals except for No Brains Mode (the rules can be downloaded for free here and the game mat for free here!). There are no stretch goals for the expansions, as we decided to include everything from the very beginning!


"Why Dawn of the Zeds has stayed in my collection..." - A review and testimonial on BGG.

Things are far from good in Farmingdale. Some kind of virus or poison is turning ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. You must lead citizens and emerging heroes to halt the Zeds' advances by (re)killing them, attempt to coordinate the discovery of a cure, and preserve as much of the area and as many of its inhabitants as possible. There's no time to lose….  

Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition is a cooperative States of Siege™ board game for 1-5 players that plays in 90-120 minutes. Your heroes must defend Farmingdale and its five outlying villages from the encroaching horrors. These heroes are supported by civilians (some armed, some heroic) and what little outside help is forthcoming. You must prevent the Zeds incursion from reaching the town center or causing so much chaos around Farmingdale that the government abandons it (and you)!

There's a whole world to experience for players new to the apocalyptic city of Farmingdale. For players who have experienced Dawn of the Zeds in previous editions, there are plenty of new things to discover as well.

  • 1-5 players
  • Co-op, solitaire, and versus game play
  • Six expanding levels of game play
  • Heroes with unique abilities
  • Truly cinematic game play experience

Check out how Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition plays in our Peek & Play video below!

You can take a look at the Basic Game Rulebook here, the Level Up! Rulebook here, the Farmingdale Dossier here, the A to Zeds Book here, and the Set Up and Epilogue Book here!

Check out the playlist of introductory videos from our Zeds Enthusiast, Lines Hutter, who gives a great in-depth tutorial on the game.

​The first Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features ​4 new characters (3 heroes and 1 heroic civilians), who ​are stepping forward, ready to ​confront the Zeds.
Check out their Dossier page here (NOTE: This is a late beta version. This document is complete, but layout, proofing, and small corrections are being finalized)!

The second Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features ​​13 new Outbreak! (blue) Level Event and Fate cards, ​broadening the narrative and gameplay excitement. Zeds are learning to move in new and unexpected ways, catching the citizens of Farmingdale unaware and, at times, unprepared. 
In addition, a new hero has arrived. No one knows what “Bouncing” Betty Bolivar is fighting for, but what they do know is the single-minded ​destruction she is capable of.
Check out her Dossier here (NOTE: This is a late beta version. This document is complete, but layout, proofing, and small corrections are being finalized)!

The third Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features two new game systems. In the first, Refugees are more helpful than ever ​as they bring ​with them Rumors about incredibl​y useful​ items ​for​ the ongoing battle​.​ ​All 16 ​Rumor chits provide heroes with special goodies or abilities ​when discovered. ​
The second game system features two trains operating ​from​ ​the town's rail junction, providing​ heroes with new modes of transportation​ and unique strategic pieces on the chessboard at the Battle for Farmingdale​.
You can read the rules about the new game systems here (NOTE: This is a late beta version. This document is complete, but layout, proofing, and small corrections are being finalized)!

In Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition, it is the cards that drive the story. There are several types of cards, each with a unique function.

Each Hero card lists that Hero's unique gameplay abilities and backstory. The mix of Heroes dictates your strategy for defeating the oncoming Zed horde!

Event cards narrate and illustrate the game’s story, manage some of the game’s AI (artificial intelligence), and create those wonderful/dreadful moments that can only happen during a zombie apocalypse.

Fate cards add even more variations to the game's story (sometimes for good, sometimes... not). Fate cards also trigger unique plot twists, which must be dealt with before resuming the struggle to save Farmingdale.

Reference cards provide quick information about several types of units; Research cards allow the possibility of discovering the cure to Z.E.D. and the innovative Super Weapon; Heroic Civilians are Civilians with special abilities.

The initial launch of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition was much more successful than we anticipated. It is presently sold out in most places and commanding impressive prices on the secondary market! To follow that up, we have three whole new expansions for those who already own and enjoy Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition.

And if you missed the base game, this campaign is your chance to reserve your copy and also get the new Expansion Packs at the same time!

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Available Rewards:

$19USD + Shipping

Zeds Expansion Pack Set - Kickstarter

You will receive ONE copy of each Expansion Pack!


  • Dawn of the Zeds: Stepping Forward Expansion
  • Dawn of the Zeds: New Player Blues Expansion
  • Dawn of the Zeds: Rumors and Rails Expansion

Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition base game required to play. Not compatible with 1st or 2nd Editions.

$69USD + Shipping

Zeds Base Game - Kickstarter

You will receive ONE copy of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!


  • Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition

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