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Gem Rush: Second Edition is a perfectly cut, highly polished new version of this treasured title. Designed by Jeremy (Darkest Night) Lennert, each player is an industrious dwarf working in a magical gem mine on a quest for dwarven glory, racing to build the mine, discover its secrets, and strategize using its evolving layout!!

  • Vastly improved component quality over the First Edition with bright new graphics facelift for the rooms, gems, characters, skills, and even the rulebook.
  • Play alongside your friends in Cooperative Mode, or see who the best dwarf is in Competitive Mode.
  • New magical gems including Echoglass, Orichalcum, and Warpstone -- each with properties that impact a sagacious player's strategy.
  • Player Skill cards so each dwarf wields an individual special ability which helps them compete. Includes dwarven poetry!

With a bright new look and deluxe features, gameplay enhancements include Mine Carts, which allow you move quickly from one Mine Cart tile to another, and several new Rooms to explore. 

In addition, there are new "special" gem types offering brilliant tactical options. Echoglass can copy any standard gem it is played with, Orichalcum gives you an additional point when used, and Warpstone allows you to build anywhere without having to spend movement!

The inclusion of player Skill cards gives each dwarf a special ability in the mine that they can use to their advantage to find out who is the Top "Pick."

There are two modes of play in Gem Rush: Second Edition. Race against your fellow dwarves to 20 points in Rush Mode, or work together in Crisis Mode where the ever-decreasing deck is your time limit!


Exclusive to Kickstarter backers! For this campaign's backers only, each copy of the game includes 1 custom gem bag in their pledge!

You can watch the following video for an in depth look into Gem Rush: Second Edition!

In addition, backers will also receive the digital version of Gem Rush: Second Edition (developed by Quicksilver Software Inc.) at no additional charge through Steam! Please note that as of now, this digital version of Gem Rush: Second Edition will only be available on Steam.

The digital game is still in development, and we are currently estimating that it will be completed by the time Gem Rush: Second Edition is ready to ship. We will make sure to post updates on the digital version as development progresses!

 We are working with Ship Naked to get the best possible shipping rates for everyone. Essentially, this is done through shipping zones. The shipping zone that you live in determines how much shipping you will pay. This is much cheaper for you than if we were to ship everything from our office in Irvine, CA and allows us to provide discounts that we wouldn’t be able to provide otherwise.

 Please note that these are our current estimated shipping rates for one copy of Gem Rush: Second Edition., and are subject to change as shipping prices fluctuate. Any additional copies will have a lower shipping rate.

Continental US Shipping: $11 

Canada Shipping: $16

Rest of World (includes Hawaii and Alaska) Shipping: $19

Refund policy

If you'd like a refund before your item ships, you have until one week before the scheduled ship date to request one. We can offer you a 90% refund since Kickstarter retains about 10% of your pledge for various fees. If there is something wrong with your item, we appreciate the opportunity to replace or exchange it. If a refund is preferred and there is no defect with the product, you'll be responsible for shipping it back to us. Upon receipt of the returned item, we'll issue you a 90% refund. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to you.


We are always happy to replace defective or damaged cards or other components. Just send us photos of the damage, and we will ship a replacement at no additional cost to you. If your item needs to be returned, we will cover the cost of the return shipping. We provide replacement pieces while titles are active in our catalog, which is typically at least a year after their initial printing. Replacement requests must be made within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to you.

Bulk Orders

Anyone who would like to place a bulk order, such as retailers or distributors, should contact us directly at info[at]victorypointgames[dot]com or through Kickstarter and we will be happy to work with you to get you set up with whatever you need. Proof of business authenticity will be required.

Available Rewards:


One Copy

Receive ONE copy of Gem Rush: Second Edition and all unlocked stretch goals!

Shipping to be charged through PledgeManager at a later date.


  • Gem Rush: Second Edition (Kickstarter exclusives not included)

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